GREGOLF administers the full spectrum of services of a demanding project such as a ¨state of the art¨ resort and a ¨world class¨ golf course. From A to Z and beyond, to superb operation, on behalf of the investors. Provides investors with the chance to take advantage of some of the best International Hotel brands and Hotel Operation services available. Additionally, in the area of Golf, the premier Golf course management firm globally.

Fame and profits guaranteed !

Indicative services

  • Project Management
  • Architectural & Design
  • Project studies
  • Project construction
  • Use of International Hotel Brand (Branding)
  • International Hotel operation
  • International Golf course operation
  • Financing from ESPA Programs
  • Suggested land plots for exploitation

The significant projects and the reputation of GREGOLF’s Partners, guarantee, that every project will be delivered on schedule, on budget and beyond expectations, adding the fame and profits of a Global Golf resort benchmark.