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Designing, constructing and operating a 5 Star Golf Resort requires not only heavy spending but also large number of contractors, each with different style, achievements and definitely budgets.

The successful synthesis of all these different components, in order to come up with the ideal scheme of contactors, which will transform an initial investment plan of yours to a long lasting, admirable and profitable result, may prove a complicated task.

GREGOLF provides you with different proposals from some of the best professionals and companies in the world to choose from.  Turn key projects or parts of them, from concept, to design, to construction, to management, to success of your luxurious Golf Resort.

All the bests, under one roof. Make your life easier, at top level.

All in one, and one for all.


GREGOLF administers the full spectrum of services of a demanding project such as a ¨state of the art¨ resort and a ¨world class¨ golf course. From A to Z and beyond, to superb operation, on behalf of the investors. Provides investors with the chance to take advantage of some of the best International Hotel brands and Hotel Operation services available. Additionally, in the area of Golf, the premier Golf course management firm globally.

Fame and profits guaranteed !

Indicative services

  • Project Management
  • Architectural & Design
  • Project studies
  • Project construction
  • Use of International Hotel Brand (Branding)
  • International Hotel operation
  • International Golf course operation
  • Financing from ESPA Programs
  • Suggested land plots for exploitation

The significant projects and the reputation of GREGOLF’s Partners, guarantee, that every project will be delivered on schedule, on budget and beyond expectations, adding the fame and profits of a Global Golf resort benchmark.

About Us

GREGOLF was founded in 2018, aiming to contribute to the design, construction and management of world class Golf courses and state of the arts 5star Golf resorts, in and out of Greece.

We represent some of the best names in the world of Golf and Luxury resorts, providing turn key projects or parts of it, until conclusion and even beyond, successful branding and management for profitable results on behalf of the investor.

With GREGOLF, the investor has the advantage to choose among different proposals, styles and budgets, allowing him to make his dream come true.

He doesn’t have to search for the best, the best comes to him !

From the initial designing of the luxurious resort and golf course, to the master plan, from the foundations until the ribbon cutting event, from the hosting of the first guests until the valuable agreements through well known international hotel brands and finally, from the swing of the first golfer to the famous golf tournaments, its all in GREGOLF.

All in one and one for all.

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